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We have extensive experience in designing and conducting training courses and development programs that meet the highest standards of leading business schools. Our courses combine academic excellence with industry experience, always focusing on the specific needs and characteristics of life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. We also support you in identifying development needs in your organization and develop customized trainings and courses accordingly.

For more information on our training programs and educational offerings, please contact us.

Selected courses
Supply chain analytics
  • Understanding the basics of supply chain analytics in life sciences

  • Introduction to machine leaning, optimization, and simulation

  • Exemplary use cases in life sciences and development of own applications

Supply chain strategy and network design
  • Strategies for network design and supply chain segmentation

  • Introduction to network optimization tools, managing projects and change

  • Global logistics, commercial and regulatory requirements, supply chain integrity and parallel trade

Supply chain planning for biopharmaceuticals
  • Market and patient requirements

  • Characteristics of biopharmaceuticals and their impact on supply chain strategies

  • Inventory and replenishment strategies for biopharmaceuticals

Inventory management for life sciences
  • Industry benchmarks and key requirements

  • Segmentation and risk management

  • Optimization of batch sizes and safety stocks

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