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Business Analytics

Our clients benefit from our academic expertise and broad experience in machine learning, simulation, and operations research in life sciences. Our services range from proof-of-concepts to supporting the successful implementation of supply chain analytics. This includes the development of customized analytics as well as the evaluation and selection of standard solutions for e.g. network design, inventory management, and supply chain planning.

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Solutions for your supply chain
Batch size optimization for biopharmaceuticals

Shelf life constraints and high product values constitute a major challenge for managing biopharmaceuticals. We developed a novel approach optimizing batch sizes (MOQ) that allows considering cost, forecast errors, and shelf life constraints. Client examples show cost savings up to 50% and significant reductions of supply chain risks (stock outs, drug obsolescence).

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Complexity management and multi-market packs

Managing product complexity is a key challenge in life sciences. We developed the first analytics approach to evaluate product complexity and optimize SKU rationalization and consolidation in life sciences. Our methodology considers all relevant cost elements across the value chain (supply chain, manufacturing, marketing) and constraints (technical, regulatory, supply chain integrity and parallel imports) when evaluating and optimizing product complexity.

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