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Research Insights

Our research and projects focus on planning, design, and optimization of supply chains in life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Our current research topics include supply chain analytics, effective management of risk, complexity, and uncertainty, and patient-centric supply chain processes.

Recent project examples include a value chain design model considering pricing and parallel trade effects and prescriptive analytics for inventory management of (bio)-pharmaceuticals and complexity management in supply chains.

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Our core competencies

Supply Chain Managment


Network Design & Segmentation

Digital Transformation and Analytics

Supply Chain Planning

Complexity Management

Risk Management

Selected publications

Francas, D. (2018): Supply Chain Planning for Biopharmaceuticals, Pharmind 80(7), 908-911.


Francas, D. (2017): Flexibilität in der Pharmadistribution. CHEManager 6/2017, 15-16.

Francas, D., Müßig, R., Gmür, A. (2016): Creating value with regional logistics hubs, Pharmind 78(9), 1270-1275.

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